About ACE 2004

The field of computer entertainment technology has aroused great interest recently amongst researchers and developers in both academic and industrial / business fields as it is duly recognized as showing high promise of bringing on exciting new forms of human computer interaction.Now deemed deserving of both serious academic research, as well as major industry and business uptake, techniques used in computer entertainment are also seen to translate into advances in research work ranging from industrial training, collaborative work, novel interfaces, novel multimedia, network computing and ubiquitous computing.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together academic and industry researchers, as well as computer entertainment developers and practitioners, to address and advance the research and development issues related to computer entertainment.

Prospective authors are now invited to submit Papers/Posters/Demos electronically via the conference website:
http://www.ace2004.org by 5th February 2004

In addition companies wishing to exhibit their products in this exciting forum in the heart of Asia should apply by viewing the web page:

ACM, the world's leading computer science society will be publishing all accepted papers, and the conference is fully sponsored by the prestigious ACM SIGCHI.

The following, non exclusive, topics are called for:

Computer Entertainment and: Art and Media, Augmented / Mixed Reality, Avatars and Virtual Action, Evolutionary Platforms / Hardware, Graphics Techniques, Haptics, Interfaces, Military Training / Simulation Applications of Games, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Phones, Narratives, Networking, New Genres, New Standards, Novel Hardware Devices, Physics / AI, Social Computing, Sound and Music

Organizing Committee

General Chairs
Mark Billinghurst (Director, HIT Lab NZ - NZL),
Ryohei Nakatsu (President ATR MI&C - JPN),
Gino Yu (Director MIC HKPU - HKG)

Industry Chair
Ernest Adams (Game Design & Development Consultant - GBR)

Program Chair
Junichi Hoshino (University of Tsukuba - JPN),
Hirokazu Kato (Osaka University - JPN)

Demo Chair
Keith Mitchell (Lancaster University - GBR)

Organizing Chair
Adrian David Cheok (NUS - SGP)

Program Commitee
Irina Aristarkhova (NUS-SGP), Allen Bierbaum (Iowa State U-USA),Gary Chang (Zona,
-USA), Clifford Choy (HKPU-HKG), Ralf Doerner (Fraunhofer-DEU), Constantinos
Dovrolis (Georgia Institute Technology-USA), Robert Ellis-Geiger (HKPU-HKG), Nesimi
Ertugrul (Adelaide U-AUS), Frank Fitzek (Acticom-DEU), Christian Geiger (Hochschule
Harz-DEU), Paul Grimm (Fraunhofer-DEU), Michael Haller (Upper Austria U-AUT), Tristan
Henderson (UCL-GBR), Masahiko Inami (Tokyo U-JPN), Yutaka Ishibashi (Nagoya
Institute Technology-JPN), Sugih Jamin (Uni Michigan-USA), Troels Degn Johansson
(Uni Copenhagen-DNK), Osamu Katai (Kyoto U-JPN), Detlef Kroemker (Fraunhofer-DEU),
Fusako Kusunoki (Tama Art U-JPN), Christopher Lindinger (FutureLab, Ars Electronica
-AUT), Craig Lindley (Interactive Inst.-SWE), Henry Lowood (Stanford-USA), Keith Mitchell
(Lancaster U-GBR), Norman Morse (CSU-USA), Gunalan Nadarajan (Lasalle-SGP),
Takeshi Naemura (Tokyo U-JPN), Manuel Oliveira (UCL-GBR), Joe Pellegrino (Rowan
U-USA), Wayne Piekarski (UniSA-AUS), Yusuf Pisan (UTS-AUS), Peter Quax (Limburg
-USA), Sampath Rangarajan (Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories-USA), Christian
Reimann (C-Lab-DEU), Hartmut Ritter (Freie Berlin U-DEU), Michele Rossi (Uni Ferrara-
ITA), Sambit Sahu (IBM-USA), Hideo Saito (Keio U-JPN), Patrick Seeling (Arizona State
U-USA), Jason Spangler (Electronic Arts-USA), Ching-Fong Su (Fujitsu Labs. of America
-USA), Hiroano Takeda (SEGA-JPN), Bruce Thomas (UniSA-AUS), Klaus Wehrle (ICSI-USA),
Oliver Wellnitz (Braunschweig U-DEU), Woontack Woo (KJIST-KOR), Charles Woodward

Christian Reimann (C-Lab-DEU)

Local Organizing Committee
Dan Borthwick, Farzam Farbiz, Goh Kok Hwee, Simon Prince, Lee Shang Ping, Siddharth
Singh, Liu Wei, Li Yu, Zhou Zhiying

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