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Full Papers

-Transforming Your Shadow into Colorful Visual Media - Multi-Projection of Complementary Colors
Yugo Minomo
The Univ. of Tokyo (Japan)

-Development of an Automatic Pool Trainer
Lars Bo Larsen
Aalborg University (Denmark)

- Painting the Town Red: A Tool for Location-Based Game Design
Martin Flintham
mixed reality laboratory (United Kingdom)

- Possession Techniques for Interaction in Real-time Strategy Augmented Reality Games
Wayne Piekarski
University of South Australia (Australia)

-Natural Interaction with Virtual Objects Using Six Degree-of-Freedom Sphere Tracking
Derek Bradley
Carleton University (Canada)

-Characterization of User Behavior in a Multi-player Online Game
Michael Kwok
University of Waterloo (Canada)

- Artistic Brushstroke Representation
Zhongke Wu
Nyanyang Technological University (Singapore)

- Teddy-bear based Robotic User Interface
Noriyoshi Shimizu
The University of Electro-Communications (Japan)

- Combining Body Sensors and Visual Sensors for Motion Training
Kwon Doo Young
ETH, Switzerland (Switzerland)

- Design of an AI Framework for MOUTbots
Zhuoqian Shen
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

- InStory: A System for Mobile Information Access, Storytelling and Gaming Activities in Physical Spaces
Nuno Correia
New University of Lisbon (Portugal)

- Designing Sound for a Pervasive Mobile Game
Inger Ekman
Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere (Finland)

- Interactive and Enjoyable Interface in museum
Kusunoki Fusako
Tama art university (Japan)

- Exploring Spatial Narratives and Mixed Reality Experiences in Oakland Cemetery
Steven Dow
GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology (United States)

- Introducing Narrative Principles Into Planning-Based Interactive Storytelling
Leandro Motta Barros
Unisinos (Brazil)

- A Logic-Based Tool for Interactive Generation and Dramatization of Stories
Angelo Ciarlini
Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

- Achieving Fairness in Multiplayer Network Games through Automated Latency Balancing
Sebastian Zander
Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

- Rokkatan: Scaling an RTS Game Design to the Massively Multiplayer Realm
Jens Mueller
Department od Computer Science, University of Muenster (Germany)

- Weekend Battle: an Entertainment System for Improving Workers
Itaru Kuramoto
Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan)

- An Extensible Platform for Interactive, Entertaining Social Experiences with an Animatronic Character
Seema Patel
Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center (United States)

- Untethered Robotic Play For Repetitive Physical Tasks
Andrew Brooks
MIT Media Lab (United States)

- Human Scale Haptic Interaction with a Reactive Virtual Human in a Realtime Physics Simulator
Shoichi Hasegawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

- Emotional Agent Model and Architecture for NPCs Group Control and Interaction to Facilitate Leadership Roles in Computer Entertainment
Abdennour El Rhalibi
Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom)

- Relations between Selected Musical Parameters and Expressed Emotions – Extending the Potential of Computer Entertainment
Jan Berg
Interactive Institute (Sweden)

Short Papers

- The CaveUT System: Immersive Entertainment Based on a Game Engine
Jean-Luc Lugrin
Teesside University,School of Computing (United Kingdom)

- Networked Equilibrium Sharing System "Balance Seat"
Nobuya Suzuki
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sicences (Japan)

- The 3D interactive visit of Piazza dei Miracoli, Italy
Marcello Carrozzino
PERCRO - Scuola Superiore Sant (Italy)

- The Virtual Gallery of the Museum of Pure Form
Marcello Carrozzino
PERCRO - Scuola Superiore Sant (Italy)

- DELEM - Deleyed Mirror
Emanuelle Mazza
Laboratorio de Luz (Spain)

- Nano-Scape: Experiencing Aspects of Nanotechnology through a Magnetic Force-Feedback Interface
Christa Sommerer
University of Art and Design (Austria)

-The Future of Video: User Experience in a Large-Scale High-Definition Video Display Environment
Belgacem Ben Youssef
Simon Fraser University (Canada)

- Back to the 70
Cristina Portales
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)

- Atomic Actions - Molecular Experience: Reflections on The Modeling of Pervasive Gaming
Bo Kampmann Walther
Centre for Media Studies, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)

- MonkeyBridge: Autonomous Agents in Augmented Reality Games
Istvan Barakonyi
Graz University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision (Austria)

- Fully Automated Texture Tracking Based on Natural Features Extraction and Template Matching
Miguel Dias
ADETTI (Portugal)

- SCORPIODROME : An exploration in Mixed Reality Social Gaming for Children
Panos Markopoulos
Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)

- Enhancement of Aligning Accuracy on Zooming Camera for Augmented Reality
Widya Andyardja Weliamto
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

- Hypersexual avatars - who wants them?
Annika Waern
Swedish Institute of Computer Science (Sweden)

- Lowering the development time of multimodal interactive application: the real-life experience of the XVR project
Marcello Carrozzino
PERCRO - Scuola Superiore Sant (Italy)

-Adapting a Large Scale Networked Virtual Environment for Display on a PDA
Tom Jehaes
EDM (Belgium)

- Geometric Model Reconstruction from Streams of DirectX 3D Game Application
Zhigeng Pan
Zhejiang University (China)

- Automatic Kinetic Typography Comopser
Mitsuru Minakuchi
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)

- Surveys to Exhibition Planners and Visitors on a Distributed Haptic Museum
Toshio Asano
NTT Service Integration Laboratories (Japan)

- Using a Human-Scale Virtual Environment with Haptic Feedback for Entertainment : Bowling Simulation
Richard Paul
ISTIA LISA (French Guiana)

- Heat Sensation in Image Creation with Thermal Vision
Iwai Daisuke
Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University (Japan)

- Digiwall - an Interactive Climbing Wall
Mats Liljedahl
Interactive Institute, Sonic (Sweden)

- Energy Browser: To Make Exercise Enjoyable and Interesting
Satoshi Nakamura
Niational Insititute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan)

- Keeping Bots out of Online Games
Philippe Golle
Palo Alto Research Center (United States)

- ThumbStick: A Novel Virtual Hand Gesture Interface
Tai Man Wong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

- Marker-Based Optical Tracking for Two-Handed Interaction with Dynamic Group Models
Bernd Schwald
ZGDV e.V. - Computer Graphics Center (Germany)

- AME Pressure Sensing Floor
Prashant Srinivasan
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University (United States)

-A qualitative exploration of entertainment experiences
Greg Hale
CUHTec, University of York (United Kingdom)

-Massive flux design for an interactive water installation: WATER GAMES
Jaume Durany
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

- Gamed-based Systems and Interfaces for Edutainment in Public Aquaria
Peter Stephenson
imedia (United States)

- Improving QoS in Videogames
Ramon Molla
Technical University of Valencia (Spain)

- Interactive Three-Dimensional Rendering on Mobile Computer Devices
Rafael Gait_n Linares
Computer Graphics Section - DSIC - Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

- Augmenting Digital Audio Broadcast with Rich Data
Erik Geelhoed
Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories Bristol (United Kingdom)

- Location33: A Mobile Musical
William Carter
University Of Southern California (United States)

- Magic Moments: What really works in situated mediascapes
Josephine Reid
Hewlett Packard Laboratories (United Kingdom)

- A Real-time Collision Detection Algorithm for Mobile Billiards Game
Zhigeng Pan
Zhejiang University (China)

- Personalizing Game Content Using Audio-Visual Media
Kai Havukainen
Nokia Research Center (Finland)

- Adaptive Mixed Reality Games
Christian Reimann
Paderborn University (Germany)

Gaming on the edge: Using Seams in Ubicomp Games
Matthew Chalmers
Computing Science, University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

- Rendezvous: Supporting Real-time Collaborative Mobile Gaming in High Latency Environments
Angie Chandler
Lancaster University (England)

- Scenario analysis based on linear logic
Fr_d_ric Coll_
L3I - Universit_ de La Rochelle (France)

- Lost In A Forest: Finding New Paths For Narrative Gaming
Joris Dormans
none (Netherlands)

- Building 3D interactive environments for the children’s narrative: a didactic project
Andrea Baroni
PERCRO (Italy)

- Synchronization Methods for Supporting Distributed 3D Virtual Environments in Java
Kevin Gorman
University of Vermont (United States)

- Implementing Encrypted Streaming Video in a Distributed Server Environment
Jason But
Swinburne University (Australia)

- Tri-Story as “Intuitive Cinema” Interactive Storytelling based on Physical Action for Multi Screen
Satoru Tokuhisa
Keio University (Japan)

- The story of myTHeme - an Event-Driven Iterative Model for Multidisciplinary Game Design
Staffan Bj_rk
Interactive Institute, Game studio (Sweden)

- Designing a Narrative-Based Audio Only 3D Game Engine
Timothy Roden
University of North Texas (United States)

- D4MD – Deformation system for a vehicle simulation game
Miguel Dias
ADETTI (Portugal)

- Creative Playmakers and Their Motivations in Four Multiplayer Game Communities
Antti Salovaara
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (Finland)

- Virtual Reality School for Children with Learning Difficulties
Lucia Vera
Robotics Institute, University of Valencia (Spain)

- BodyMusic: A Novel Framework Design for Body-driven Music Composition
Belton Kwong
City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

- REMUPP – An Interface for Evaluation of Relationsbetween Musical Parameters and Perceived Properties
Jan Berg
Interactive Institute (Sweden)


- Through the looking glass --You can Play with Yourself--
Yasuaki Kakehi
The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Fourati Wiem
Image Technologies and Telecommunications (Tunisia)

- Notbook AR
Moises Ma_as
laboratorio de luz. Fine Arts Faculty. Universidad Polit_cnica de Valencia (Spain)

- A living book for entertainment
Carmen Juan
Technical University of Valencia (Spain)

- Telepresence meets Racing Games (poster)
Gerard Kim

- ARMS: A Trading Card Game using AR Technology
Haruhiro Katayose
School of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University (Japan)

- Real or Unreal? - An Evaluation Setting for Emotional Characters using Unreal Technology
Manfred Eckschlager
University of Salzburg (Austria)

- Cyclone Uppercut, A Boxing Game For An Immersive Environment
Ronald Sidharta
Virtual Reality Application Center (United States)

- Real-Time Cinematic Camera Control for Interactive Narratives
Michael Young
North Carolina State University (United States)

- Architecture for Haptic Interaction in Game Systems
Emanuele Ruffaldi
PERCRO Scuola Superiore S'Anna (Italy)

- What You Look Like When Learning Hand Alphabets
Takao Terano
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

- Tierra Inhospita: Exploring a Virtual World with your Face
Gines Garcia-Mateos
Dept. de Informatica y Sistemas (Spain)

- Developing Games with Magic Playground: a gesture-based game engine
Miguel Dias
ADETTI (Portugal)

- A Short and Simple Definition of What a Videogame Is
Esposito Nicolas
University of Technology of Ccompiegne (France)

- Challenges for Pervasive Mobile Game Design: Examining Players
Laura Ermi
Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere (Finland)

- Building and Reconstructing Character. A Case Study of Silent Hill 3
Petri Lankoski
Univerisity of Tampere (Finland)

- A viable approach to deliver television events, having multiple and selectable plots: MultyChannelStory.
Massimo Deriu
CRS4 - Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (Italy)

- Towards a Cinematically Enhanced Narrative
Alejandro Ramirez
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

- Towards an Intelligent Storyboarding Tool for 3D Games
Arnav Jhala
North Carolina State University (United States)

- Free Network Visible Network
Ke Xu
Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

- Twisting, Turning, Tapping: Are Early Video Game Controller’s Influencing Today’s Designs?
Mark Szota
Monash University (Australia)

- Integrating Plan-Based Behavior Generation with Game Environments
Michael Young
North Carolina State University (United States)

- Demo (Note: this list is not finalized as some Full/Short/Poster presenters are also presenting at demo session)
Interactive Free-hand Drawing and In-Between Generation with DBSC
Zhongke Wu
Nyanyang Technological University (Singapore)

- Telepresence Racing Game (Demo)
Gerard Kim

- Augmented Reality with Zooming Camera
Widya Andyardja Weliamto
Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

- Augmented Reality Without Code
Rodney Berry
ATR Media Information Science Laboratories (Japan)

- RoboGamer: Development of robotic TV game player using haptic interface and GPU image recognition
Akihiko Shirai
CPNI Laval France (France)

- Teddy-bear based Robotic User Interface for interactive entertainment
Noriyoshi Shimizu
The University of Electro-Communications (Japan)

- Eco pods: tangible User interfaces for early learning of Systems thinking
Erez Kikin-Gil
Interaction-Design Institute, Ivrea (Italy)

- Demo: Gamed-based Systems and Interfaces for Edutainment in Public Aquaria
Peter Stephenson
imedia (United States)

- Kick-Real, a Mobile Mixed Reality Game
Christian Reimann
Paderborn University (Germany)

- SymBall - Camera Driven Table Tennis for Mobile Phones
Charles Woodward
VT TInformation Technology (Finland)

- RoboGamer: A robotic TV game player
Akihiko Shirai
CPNI Laval France (France)

- Demonstration for Human Scale Haptic Interaction with a Reactive Virtual Human in a Realtime Physics Simulator
Shoichi Hasegawa
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

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