ACE 2016

ACE 2016 workshop: Toward Mindful Experience Design in Daily Life - Organizers


Shoichi Hasegawa
Shoichi Hasegawa researches on haptic interaction, interactive characters, soft and entertainment robotics, realtime simulation and virtual reality. He brought 9 projects relating to haptics to past SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies. He received best paper awards from Euro Graphics, Euro Haptics and Advances in Computer Entertainment Technologies (ACE) conferences. He serves as chair in the entertainment computing SIG of information processing society of Japan.

Itiro Siio
Itiro Siio is a Professor in the Faculty of Science at the Ochanomizu University. Prior to his current position, he worked 8 years in the Faculty of Engineering at Tamagawa University, serving concurrently as 1 year visiting researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, after spending 13 years at IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1984. His recent focus is on applications of ubiquitous computing in everyday life.

Jun Rekimoto
Jun Rekimoto's research interest includes computer augmented environments, mobile/wearable computing, virtual reality, and information visualization. He has authored dozens of refereed publications in the area of human-computer interactions, including ACM, CHI, and UIST. One of his publications was recognized with the 30th commemorative papers award from the Information Processing Society Japan (IPSJ) in 1992. He also received the Multi-Media Grand Prix Technology Award from the Multi-Media Contents Association Japan in 1998, the Yamashita Memorial Research Award from IPSJ in 1999, and the Japan Inter-Design Award in 2003. In 2007, He elected to ACM SIGCHI Academy.

Hideki Koike
Hideki Koike is a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research interest includes Vision-based HCI, Digital Sports, Information Visualization, and Network Security such as Intrusion Detection System and Honeypot.

Takeshi Nishida
Takeshi Nishida works in Kobe University as a lecturer. His research interest includes interaction design especially on universal design on communications.

Kazutaka Kurihara
Kazutaka Kurihara works in Tsuda College as an associate professor. His primal research topic is to rethink 'flexibility' on presentation tools. In addition, I am also interested in pen UIs, multi-modal UIs, practical applications of recognition technologies, and UIs for educational fields. He is Ig nobel acoustics prize winner in 2012.

Maki Sugimoto
Maki Sugimoto works in Keio University as an associate professor. His research interest includes Augmented Reality, Human Interface, Display-Based Computing.