ACE 2016

ACE 2016 workshop: Toward Mindful Experience Design in Daily Life - Home


This workshop focuses on our living environment as fields of entertainment computing. Conventional entertainments come with specific media. Along with maturing of ubiquitous computing technologies, our daily life comes to kinds of media, which can be enhanced by computing. So, it is time to enrich daily lives with mindful experiences. We aim to design mindful experiences in daily lives with entertainment computing techniques, which can be found in digital games and other entertainments. Some of them are known as gamification techniques which drive people's behavior. But there are much more other than them. For example, arrangements or directions in entertainment works do not change player's behaviors but change minds and qualities of experiences. Background music enhances fun of movies or digital games and brings deeper affections. Widgets in digital games, or craft works of visual artists, bring pleasure of handling to the players. Most entertainment works are inlaid with all kind of techniques and they realize entertaining. This workshop focuses on such ideas, trials and potentially related science and technologies.

The workshop program

10:00-10:03   Opening and guidance Shoichi Hasegawa

Announcement of the program and the discussion session; Ideas for the discussion session can be put on a board and will be organized during the presentation sessions.

10:03-10:50   Paper presentations   12+3 min. for each
  1. Relation between facial expression and user described episodic memory timeline in short movies
    Erik Lopez Portillo Barroso and Shoichi Hasegawa
  2. Analysis of Multiple Users' Experience in Daily Life Using Wearable Device for Facial Expression Recognition
    Katsutoshi Masai, Yuta Itoh, Yuta Sugiura and Maki Sugimoto
  3. conteXinger: A Context-aware Song Generator to Enrich Daily Lives
    Ayano Nishimura and Itiro Siio
11:000-11:30   Position talks
  1. Possibility of fNIRS for measuring mindful experience  Haruhiro Katayose
  2. ΞHome (KSU-iHome)  Shigeyuki Hirai
  3. Virtual Agents to Attract People and Between People  Hironori Mitake
  4. Role of entertainment (computing) in Mindful Communication Experience  Takeshi Nishida
  5. Mindful Experience   Jun Rekimoto
11:30-12:45   Group Discussions 12:45-12:55   Wrap up

Presentations of discussions