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Title Author List
HANDY system for video-mediated communication Igor de Souza Almeida, Jordi Polo Carres, Marina Atsumi Oikawa, Tatsuya Hiramatsu, Hirokazu Kato
A Rule-based Approach to 3D Terrain Generation via Texture Splatting Jonathan Ferraris, Christos Gatzidis
Enhancement of Adaptive Delta-Causality Control with Adaptive Dead-Reckoning for Multiplayer Online Games Naoki Ishii, Yutaka Ishibashi, Shinji Sugawara
Mobile Usability Evaluation: Studying ad hoc mobile context of use Alexandros Tsiaousis, George Giaglis
Petimo: Safe Social Networking Robot for children Adrian David Cheok, Owen Noel Newton Fernando, Charith Lasantha Fernando, Kening Zhu, Anusha Indrajith Withana, Nimesha Ranasinghe, Kasun Karunanayaka, Michelle Narangoda, Nancy Lan-Lan Ma, Yukihiro Morisawa
Arena Theatre Interface Design for Integrating Georeferenced Presentational Environments Timothy J. Rogers, Gary R. Bertoline, James L. Mohler, Sorin A. Matei, Travis Faas
TangiCube: Introducing Bi-Directional Interactivity with an Autonomous Agent in a Tangible Mixed Reality Environment Steven, Zhiying Zhou, Derek Tan, Dong Wei, Nakayama Yuta
The Gardening of Computer and Human; The Performative and Communicative of Collaborative Action Hyunkyoung Cho
Artificial Game Presenter Avatars Anthony Savidis, Efie Karouzaki
Tangible 3D Desktop: Performing 3D Space Interactions with the PC in a Tangible Mixed Reality Environment Steven, Zhiying Zhou, Daniel Yeo, Dong Wei, Yuta Nakayama
Yaminabe YAMMY: An interactive cooking pot that uses feeling as spices Izumi Yagi, Yu Ebihara, Tamaki Inada, Yoshiki Tanaka, Maki Sugimoto, Masahiko Inami, Adrian Cheok, Naohito Okude, Masahiko Inakage
The Design and Implementation of a Multi-Language Learning Game Lindsay Grace
Real-time Visualisation and Browsing of a Distributed Video Database Eduard Gonzalez, Sergi Gonzalez, Juan Abadia, Alun Evans, Josep Blat
WiiPlay - A 3D Third Person Game in XNA André Barbosa, Frutuoso Silva
A Spreading-Activation Net Approach to Interactive Documentary Richard Lachman
The Biolin: A Current-based Musical Interface Sungjae Hwang, Kibeom Lee, Daham Park, Woon Seung Yeo
Creating 3D E-books with ARBookCreator Trien V. Do, Jong-Weon Lee
Multimedia Visitor Book using Mobile Phone Jungwhan Kim, Seonghyun Jang, Eunjung Han, Keechul Jung
An Immersive Multiuser Music Generation Interface Dionysios Marinos, Chris Geiger
Intuitive Control Using a Mediated Interface Module Sangseung Kang, Jaehong Kim, Jaeyeon Lee
Interactive Fitness Game for Public Places Ekaterina Kurdyukova
Enhancing a Motion Capture Interface by Introducing Context Management Francois Picard, Pascal Estraillier
Lessons learned dessigning and producing an AR magic show performance Anna Carreras, Carles Sora