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Salon de ACE

Title Author List
Off-Axis Stereo Projection and Head Tracking for a Horizontal Display Basar Ugur, Ali Vahit Sahiner, Isik Baris Fidaner
Client-Server Talking Head on Mobile Jiri Danihelka, Lukas Kencl, Roman Hak
Human-Robot Teams in Entertainment and Other Everyday Scenarios Pooyan Fazli, Alan K. Mackworth
Beauty and Judgment of Technology as Aesthetic Object Hyunkyoung Cho, Joonsung Yoon
Gaming Naturally is more Fun Together: the Influence of Controller Type on Player Experience Vero Vanden Abeele, Brian Gajadhar, Bob De Schutter
Gesture based Game Using Multimodal Interface of Humanoid Robot Mansu Han, Sungkuk Chun, Minkyu Jung, Keechul Jung