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Short Papers

Title   Author List
S1: Multimodal Interaction  
Using a 3D game to study the perceived quality of lifting device controls   David Wilfinger, Martin Murer, Michael Lankes, Manfred Tscheligi
Collaborative Haptic Play with Building Blocks   Pingguo Huang, Yutaka Ishibashi, Norishige Fukushima, Shinji Sugawara
Social Interaction, Communicative Behaviors and Flow Experience in Tabletop Gaming   VIVIAN HSUEH-HUA CHEN, WEIRONG LIN, MICHAEL HALLER, Jakob Leitner, HENRY BEEN-LIRN DUH
Facial Caricature Generation Using a Quadratic Deformation Model   Mohammad Obaid, Daniel Lond, Ramakrishnan Mukundan, Mark Billinghurst
S2: Sound and Music  
Mutable Mapping: gradual re-routing of OSC control data as a form of artistic performance   Ilias Bergstrom, Antony Steed, Beau Lotto
FeelSound: Collaborative Composing of Acoustic Music   Wim Fikkert, Michiel Hakvoort, Paul van der Vet, Anton Nijholt
Music alphabet for low-resolution touch displays   Ondřej Poláček, Adam J. Sporka, Pavel Slavík
ANTracks - generative mobile music composition   Chris Geiger, Florian Schulz, Holger Reckter
S3: Augmented / Mixed Reality  
Camera-based Interactions for Augmented Reality   Tatu Harviainen, Otto Korkalo, Charles Woodward
Rundle Lantern in Miniature: Simulating Large Scale Non-Planar Displays   Shane Porter, Michael Marner, Ulrich Eck, Christian Sandor, Bruce Thomas
A Mixed Reality Telepresence System with a Few DOF Motion Base and Immersive Display   Maiya Hori, Masayuki Kanbara, Naokazu Yokoya
E-Junior: Serious Virtual Word for natural science and ecology learning   Maja Wrzesien, David Perez Lopez, Mariano Alcaz Raya
S4: Affective Computing  
Emotional Gaming: Win by Emotion Expression   Ochs Magalie, Helmut Prendinger
Towards Tailoring Player Experience in Physical Wii Games using Physiological and Gesture Data   Patrick Jarnfelt, Dajana Dimovska, Sebbe Christensen
Exposure Effect on Experience and Visual Perception in Stereoscopic Visual Presentations   Wendy Ann Mansilla, Andrew Perkis, Touradj Ebrahimi
Towards Ambulatory Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Pilot Study with P300 Signals   Fabien Lotte, Junya Fujisawa, Hideaki Touyama, Rika Ito, Michitaka Hirose, Anatole Lécuyer
S5: Pervasive and Online Games  
Players Who Play to Make Others Cry: The Influence of Anonymity and Immersion   Vivian Hseuh-Hua Chen, Henry Been-Lirn Duh, Chiew Woon Ng
Running or Gaming   Junehwa Song, Sungjun Kwon, Hyukjae Jang, Kyungmin Cho, Inseok Hwang, Miru Ahn, Byunglim Park, Sungwon Peter Choe, Jaesang Park
Study on the Change of Physiological Signals during Playing Body-Controlled Games   Shengsheng Ruan, Ling Chen, Jie Sun, Gencai Chen
Self-Adapting Dynamically Generated Maps For Turn-based Strategic Multiplayer Browser Games   Gonçalo Pereira, Pedro Santos, Rui Prada
S6: Experience Design and Art  
"Should Maria marry Jim?" NatakWeb: Enabling Collaborative development of Interactive Narratives   RKVS Raman, Laxminarayana Akula, Amarghosh Vadakkoot
Being a self-director: enhance user creativity with a video mash up tool   Amon Rapp, Daniela Cardillo, Rossana Simeoni, Luca Console
UNMAKEABLOVE: game technologies for the cybernetic theatre Re-Actor   Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw
S7: Devices for Games  
Structured Tiles: Directed Subgraphs of Recurring Path Patterns in Board Games   Yannis Lilis, Anthony Savidis
The Bronco: A Proof-of-Concept Adaptive Fairground Ride   Stefan Egglestone, Joe Marshall, Brendan Walker, Duncan Rowland, Steve Benford
A Game Controller Based on Multiple Sensors   Dapeng Zhang, ZhongJie Cai, Kefei Chen, Bernhard Nebel
Classifying Input for Active Games   Tadeusz Stach, T.C. Nicholas Graham, Matthew Brehmer, Andreas Hollatz
Handheld Gaming Devices for Baby Boomers   Renu Zunjarwad, John Takamura
S8: Mobile Entertainment  
Molarcropolis: A Mobile Persuasive Game to Raise Oral Health and Dental Hygiene Awareness   Carmen Soler, Alejandra Zacarías, Andrés Lucero
A Mobile Geo-wand Enabling Gesture Based POI Search an User Generated Directional POI Photography   Zhang Lei, Paul Coulton
Bicker Manor: A Cross-Media Environmental Campaign using Missions   Martin Flintham, Dominic Price, Alan Chamberlain, Kevin Glover, Chris Greenhalgh, Amanda Gower, Andy Gower, Craig McCahill
Poetry Mix-up: A poetry generating system for cultural communication   Owen Noel Newton Fernando, Adrian David Cheok, Nimesha Ranasinghe, Kening Zhu, Chamari Edirisinghe
An IT-enabled Donation Boxes to Promote Donation   Kohei Tanaka, Satoshi Tanaka, Kohei Kinoshita, Yasuhiko Minami, Kazuya Murao, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto, Shojiro Nishio