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Submission guideline of Creative Showcases

Please submit a one page abstract of your project. The abstract should follow the ACM Submission Format.
See ACM SIG Proceedings Template for more instructions. Also, please provide the following additional materials:

   1) A completed project information form (PDF version, MS WORD version). *Mandatory*
   2) Supporting material (up to 60MB): images, sound clips, video clips (less than 3min). The video clips should be in
       one of the following formats: QuickTime, MEPG-1, MPEG-4. *Optional*

The submission system just allows you to submit one additional material. So, please compress the information form and the supporting material as a ZIP file before upload. If the submission system doesn't accept your .zip file due to a size restriction, please upload a text file which indicates URL of your attachment file.


Please visit the ACE 2009 Creative Showcases submission system to submit your project!.