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VISA Information

Greece follows the Schengen Agreement provisions and the subsequent acquis concerning short terms visa issues.

  1. Please call the Greek Consulate that has jurisdiction where you live to find out the procedure and documents required in order to apply for a visa to Greece. The visa application process may take two or more weeks so please start the process as soon as you have been accepted to participate in the program. To locate the closest Greek Consulate please visit the site of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Click here for a copy of the Application for a Schengen Visa
  3. Send the following information to Mr. Gerasimos Kouloumbis gerasimos.kouloumpis*at* (please cc also to John N. Karigiannis at john*at* so that you receive an invitation letter to support your visa application process:
    • Your name as it is written on your passport
    • Passport number
    • Nationality
    • Passport date of issue and date of expiry
    • Place and date of birth
    • Your current address
    • The location (city/country) of the Greek Consulate to which you will be applying for your visa. Schengen Visa Application Form (PDF)